Kangyuan introduction

Kangyuan introduction

  • Song of Kangyuan

Diversified and comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating science, industry and trade

The group has fixed assets of 200million yuan, including Henan Kangyuan Flavor Factory Co., Ltd., the first branch of Henan Kangyuan Flavor Factory Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Baichuan Huibao flavor Co., Ltd., Kaifeng Zhengfeng machinery factory, Kaifeng Zhizheng Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Weishi Minsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., Henan Yinyu Real Estate Co., Ltd., Henan Yinyu Steel Structure Co., Ltd., Weishi Zhonglian Chemical Co., Ltd Zhengzhou Yibang Industrial Co., Ltd., Beijing huamaoyuan Co., Ltd., Yibang (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and other 12 wholly-owned enterprises

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Kangyuan product display

There is a different rhyme in the fragrance. Health will come from here and share a better life

Industrial layout of the group In the past 24 years, 12 wholly-owned subsidiaries have covered the whole industry chain, and their strength has created extraordinary

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